Three women who like cars, at the race track, watching cars.

When a woman writes about cars on the internet, there are plenty of people who respect her words. But there are also Reddit users who think she’s incapable of forming her own opinions, commenters who think she isn’t qualified to review a car and critics who always want to remind her of what the boys know.


But the real, shocking truth about those women is that they actually do know what they’re talking about sometimes, because, sit down for this one: some women like cars. Some women like cars just to like cars, for the same reason that any other person likes cars.

Some women like cars with three pedals, others like cars that handle all of that for them. Some like them for the speed, and others like to drift them. Some race them and some merely watch them race.


And you know why? For their own damn reasons.

Some women like cars, just like some men don’t. And, shockingly enough, some women actually know just as much about cars (or, gasp, even more!) than some men do.

So, there you have it: some women like cars simply because they like them. And they have the capacity to become just as qualified to do anything with or about those cars as anyone else in this world.


Problem solved.

A very wonderful full disclosure: When I went to get a hyperlink to a hateful comment—which was met with much opposition from our dear readers—that I got on a Mercedes E300 review for the top paragraph, I saw it had been deleted by the original commenter. I also saw a ton of incredibly sweet comments that came long after the review posted, and I wanted to thank you. You’re all lovely.