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Posted: Monday, February 15, 2016

Tourists in Yunnan, China, got a taste of an elephant’s “Hulk smash” when one wandered out onto a main road and wreaked havoc on 15 parked cars.

According to local news outlets, the male elephant named Zhushunya, had strayed from the “Ye Xiang Gu” (Wild Elephant Valley) nature reserve in the Xishuangbanna prefecture and ventured onto a busy road, where he spent almost 20 minutes trampling on cars.

Pictures and videos shot by tourists showed Zhushunya swinging his trunk and legs at cars in his path, proceeding to smash windows and dent 15 cars in total.

yunnan elephant2

Video: YouTube, CCTV News

Local police were called to the scene and nearby roads were closed until the elephant had his fun and disappeared back into the nature reserve to search for food.

yunnan elephant4

Video: YouTube, CCTV News

The nature reserve’s staff said that Zhushunya is currently in heat, which explains the elephant’s recent erratic and unpredictable behaviour.

Luckily, the cars were the only casualties from this incident. According to the Xishuangbanna government, tourists were excited to have seen the elephant in action, reported AP.

yunnan elephant6

Video: YouTube, CCTV News

“The tourists were quite excited to see a real wild elephant, and they were using their cellphones to take photos and videos,” the government told reporters. “Even the owners of some damaged cars found the experience to be thrilling and very interesting, although their cars got scraped.”

An investigation is currently underway and the owners of the 15 damaged cars will be compensated, the government said.

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