2016 Toyota Tacoma stays quiet and comfy on and off pavement – Los Angeles Times

Posted: Sunday, September 20, 2015

After three days of city and highway driving, I was ready to dismiss the 2016 Toyota Tacoma pickup as a very nice, very tall sedan. One of those citified trucks.

It’s so quiet, cushy and comfortable that it hardly seemed to be a truck at all. The plush seats, lush suspension, refined interior and single-finger steering lulled me into a Barcalounger-like state of relaxation. Floating above traffic, I imagined the best use of this mid-size truck might be a drive-in movie. Or a nap.

An afternoon off the pavement convinced me otherwise. With a couple of motorcycles in the bed, and a couple of hundred pounds of equipment in the rear seats, I tested the mettle of the TRD Off-Road Double Cab on the ragged dirt roads and trails inside Santa Clarita’s Rowher Flat off-highway vehicle park.


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