Auburn’s Dee Ford makes English woman very popular –

Posted: Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This is Auburn's Dee Ford, not to be confused with England's Dee Ford
This is Auburn’s Dee Ford, not to be confused with England’s Dee Ford. (USATSI)

If you have a Twitter account it turns out one of the best ways to pick up followers is to have the same name of an Auburn football player. That’s what’s happened to Dee Ford, a commercial property surveyor from England who has been repeatedly confused for Auburn defensive lineman Dee Ford on Twitter in recent months, and especially this weekend as Ford had an excellent performance at the Senior Bowl.

The problem is that, not only do they have the same name, but the two have similar Twitter handles as well. England’s Dee Ford can be found at @dee_ford. Auburn’s Ford is at @dee_ford_. The lack of a second underscore in tweets to Ford — even Dee Ford himself messes it up occasionally– have led to a flood of people yelling “WAR DAMN EAGLE” at a woman who has no idea what the hell they’re talking about.

“It went really mad this weekend,” Ford told the War Eagle Reader. “But it had gone a bit crazy a couple of weeks back when Dee himself tweeted his (Twitter) address wrong so I was already getting odd followers for him and everyone telling me what a great singer I was and how I play great piano. The stupid thing is, when I told them I wasn’t a singer they didn’t believe me… I sing as good as I play American Football.”

Auburn athletic director Jay Jacobs accidentally included the English Ford’s handle in a tweet congratulating Auburn Ford for his Senior Bowl MVP award as well. Jacobs then apologized and asked for English Ford’s address so he could send her some Auburn gear and welcome her to the family.

And it seems that while English Ford knows next to nothing about college football, she’s a new Auburn fan. Just check out this photo she sent to War Eagle Reader.

I guess that after losing out on another national championship this season the Tigers are looking to go international instead.


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