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Posted: Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Don’t call Jeb Bush a senator — he won’t take it well.

“Don’t insult me, I’m a governor,” Bush told an audience member Monday who mistakenly called him “Senator Bush” at a Las Vegas town hall meeting.

During a roughly 40-minute town hall meeting in Las Vegas, Bush entertained questions from locals and potential supporters as he travels the country, eyeing a presidential run.

Bush fielded questions on everything from Israel to immigration to Common Core, and also one question on “Muslim immigrants who come and want to ignore our law and impose theirs.”

“I totally disagree with that,” Bush said, referring not to the premise of the question, but to the idea that Muslim immigrants are trying to impose Sharia law in the United States.

“The idea of sharia law or something like that in the United States — it’s horrific,” Bush said.

In introductory remarks, Bush highlighted the impact his wife, Columba, has had on his life.

“My life kind of can be defined in one real powerful way which is BC and AC — before Columba and after Columba,” said Bush, who met his wife at 17 and married her at 20.

Bush spent the rest of his time explaining the need to reform the U.S. immigration system and the need to stand by Israel.

He also fielded yet another question on his family and beyond the typical answer that he would forge his own path and share his own vision, he asked the questioner:

“Look, do you have brothers and sister? Are you exactly the same?” Bush said.


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