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Posted: Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Again this year, Ford is following its now-traditional path of taking out a TV ad just before kickoff of the Super Bowl telecast. But true to CEO Mark Fields’ vast and ongoing attempt to reposition the venerable automaker for a different sort of future, Ford’s Big Game Sunday commercial will comprise the company’s first big advertisement of its pivot into mobility services and away from only making and selling vehicles.

In the ad on Fox before the beginning of Super Bowl LI on Sunday in Houston, Ford won’t be touting the latest built-tough version of its F Series pickup trucks or the latest iteration in its SUV fleet. Instead, Ford will be advertising the future. 

In a 90-second spot that employs the “Go Further” positioning that Ford has used for a few years, the brand will indeed go further than ever before. It’s laying out a vision of a future (narrated by actor Bryan Cranston) that is based not just on selling cars, trucks and utility vehicles to individuals, companies and government entities but also on mobility services—including ride-sharing, bike-sharing and self-driving cars—and its vision for the City of Tomorrow.

“Those close to the auto industry know what we are doing at Ford about mobility services, but those who aren’t close to it may not be thinking about Ford in that way yet,” Chantel Lenard, the Ford Motor Company’s executive director of US marketing, told me. “The ad shows things that we’re working on now all the way into the future. That’s how we’re connecting the pieces—through advertising.

“It’s a massive opportunity to show this ad right before the Super Bowl, a unique opportunity to share what we’re thinking about the future,” added Lenard. “Customers are counting on us to think not only of solutions for today but also for the future and for making their lives simpler and better.”

No less than Elena Ford, great-great-granddaughter of Henry Ford himself—and the Ford Motor Company’s vice president, global dealer and consumer experience—attested that the new Ford Game Day spot “would put a smile on his face. He was a pioneer of innovation and he was always one who challenged convention, and was always forward-thinking,” she told me.

“He was always trying to look around the corner and think ahead. He would be thrilled that we’re staying core to who we are and that we’re innovating and progressing a great consumer experience.”


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