Google, Tesla bring auto spotlight to California – CNBC

Posted: Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still, Krebs and other industry experts are quick to point out that the Big 3 — especially Ford and GM — are aggressively investing in autonomous drive vehicle technology, and plan to be ready when it becomes more commonplace over the next few years.

GM, for example, plans to introduce its “Super Cruise” control feature, which will allow hands- and foot-free driving on the highway, on some 2017 Cadillac models.

Still, people rarely stop and ask what’s being developed by the Big 3. Instead, the questions almost always center around what Google, Tesla and Apple are working on.

“People often want to talk about the Silicon Valley newcomers, because those companies are intriguing and grab the headlines,” Krebs said.

That makes Tuesday’s Google ride interesting, even though the company admits it will announce little news.

You can bet video and pictures of journalists sitting in the vehicles will proliferate, just as video and pictures of the new Tesla Model X delivery will be the big car story into Wednesday morning.


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