Photo Credit: Chris Doane Automotive

I don’t know if I’m ready to live in a world where the Toyota Supra is coming back oh my god I’m hyperventilating please yes I am painfully excited for Toyota’s idea of a world-conquering sports car to return.

Photo Credit: Chris Doane Automotive

These new images of Toyota testing a prototype of the car show what very much looks like a production-ready development of the Toyota FT-1 concept we saw back in 2014. It looks every bit like a big brother to the Toyota GT86, only weirder. Weird is good.

Dual exhausts also seem to support rumors that we’re going to see a V6 rather than a straight six engine in this thing, but my heart refuses to believe what my brain is saying.

Anyone with a casual interest in the goings on of the car world will probably think ‘oh right, the new Supra—wasn’t that supposed to come out like ten years ago?’

No, it only felt like it.

Photo Credit: Chris Doane Automotive

Everyone has been expecting a new Supra ever since the old one grew too big and too expensive and too good for this world for Toyota to keep making it. For a while there, the only people buying Corvette-priced sports cars were middle-aged boomers who only bought Corvettes. So Toyota let the turbocharged, straight six, rear-drive Supra die off, to be fantasized and idolized and priced out by Fast and Furious types.

In any case, Toyota itself has been busy with a Supra project in partnership with BMW since at least 2012, again resuscitating the turbocharged six format.

I can’t wait for people to grow overly familiar with this car, get used to it, and then again wonder aloud why anybody would spend so much on a Toyota when they could just get a BMW instead.