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Posted: Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dodge usually waits until Thursday to give out more information on the upcoming Challenger SRT Demon, but the automaker has just a few more deets to dish this week.

This isn’t about the car, though. It’s about the crate of goodies that comes with the car. It’s meant to provide everything the owner needs to transform the Demon from a street star to a drag-strip monster. It’s not giving away all the contents of said crate, but the tools included in the box are pretty neat.

Since there will be some assembly required, the crate includes all the tools you’ll need to transform the car. The crate includes a hydraulic floor jack, a cordless impact wrench, a torque wrench, tire pressure gauge and a bag to hold all the aforementioned. There’s also a fender cover, so you don’t scratch the paint while wrenching.

Dodge SRT Demon Crate

Whether or not the crate fits in the trunk (or anywhere in the car, for that matter) remains to be seen.


The tools come from Snap-On, and they include Demon logos, because otherwise it would just be a regular ol’ box of expensive tools.

From what we can see in the crate, there’s also a set of skinny front wheels included in there. Not only does this make sense, given the tools included in the kit, but it also likely proves that the fat front wheels are, in fact, spares for the drag strip. Thus, it’s all but guaranteed that your Demon won’t be packing four driven wheels, just the two out back.

Dodge also says the crate includes the “Demon Track Pack System,” but it hasn’t offered up details on that component just yet. Considering that other parts of the car can be swapped in and out between the street and strip, this “system” is likely another swappable part, but what part exactly? Given the fender cover, it likely exists under the hood. Hmm.

We’ll likely find out more this Thursday as Dodge releases yet another Demon teaser. And, of course, we’ll get the full skinny when the car debuts at the New York Auto Show this April.


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