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Posted: Thursday, March 24, 2016

When the New York International Auto Show opens to the public Friday, visitors will find nearly 1,000 cars and trucks on display, ranging from ultra-luxurious sports cars to family-friendly SUVs.

But behind the scenes of these flashy unveilings, one question is lingering on the minds of many in the industry: The Fed. While record-low interest rates have propelled both auto sales and leasing to record highs, some in the industry worry that an impending rise in rates could dampen automakers’ profits — especially as a wave of 3-year old vehicles is set to come off lease.

For auto executives, the key will be to make sure they can convince customers that buying used cars in good shape is worth their while.

“Everyone has seen this trouble coming at us,” Jim Lentz, CEO of Toyota, told CNBC. “So if you’re prepared for it, and you have great [resale] programs, I think you’re going to be okay.”

Click ahead to see some of the top models that will be featured at the show.

— By Akane Otani, special to CNBC.com, with contributions from Phil LeBeau
Posted 24 March 2016


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