Honda Motor Co. recalled 160,000 Fit subcompact and Vezel sport-utility vehicles in Japan due to defective power steering and a part that controls the electric current in the vehicles, Associated Press (AP) reported. However, the report said that the recall does not affect any of the vehicles sold outside Japan.

There were six fires related to a flaw in the control systems along with two collisions linked to problems with the power steering, Bloomberg reported, citing Yuichi Yamamoto, a Japan transport ministry official. However, the report added that there were no injuries or deaths due to the incidents.

The recalled vehicles were produced between August, 2013 and February of this year. While the Fit cars were recalled for both problems, Vezel vehicles did not report a problem with the steering wheel, AP reported, citing the company.

The recalls for the Fit and Vezel cars first started in October 2013, and had led to the company’s former president Takanobu Ito to let go of the set target for global sales before he resigned from his position. Takahiro Hachigo, who succeeded Ito, reshuffled the senior-level management and consolidated the responsibility for planning the product and its evaluation, Bloomberg reported.

In October 2013, Honda recalled 4,833 Fit cars over automatic transmission and control modules while two months later the company extended the production period of previous recall, increasing the number of affected cars to 36,100, according to Bloomberg.

In February 2014, the company recalled 81,353 Fit and Vezel vehicles due to issues in engine control units while in July the company extended the production period of Fit and Vezel recall, increasing the number of affected vehicles to 175,356. In October 2014, the company recalled 321,501 Fit and Vezel vehicles over issues with engine ignition coils and power supply circuits.

In February, the company reportedly had recalled the 2016 Civic after 2-liter engines seized up during quality checks, and while in the field, they resulted in one fire and one injury.