When it comes to finding the most American of U.S.-made cars — the one that’s built in an American factory with the most domestically produced parts — look no further than Japan.

Toyota and Honda are winning the race when it comes to having the most American vehicles, according to Cars.com.

The most popular car that is assembled in the U.S. with the highest percentage of domestic content is the Toyota Camry for the second year in a row, says Cars.com’s annual survey. The top five all come from Toyota or Honda.

After the Camry, they include the Honda Accord sedan, Toyota Sienna minivan, Honda Odyssey minivan and Honda Pilot SUV.

Only then, in sixth place, does a Detroit Big 3 make an appearance with the Chevrolet Traverse, a crossover SUV.

It is then followed by two other General Motors SUVs — GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave. All three are made in Lansing, Mich.

How is it possible that Toyotas and Hondas can leading a list of the most American cars?

Blame — or perhaps salute — globalization. These days, automakers tend to build vehicles where they sell them, which protects them from currency fluxuations and outcries over imports and trade imbalances. Camry is assembled for U.S. customers at factories in Georgetown, Ky., or Lafayette, Ind. Accord comes from Marysville, Ohio. Parts maker and factories that make other components, like engines and transmissions, tend to cluster near the assembly plants, boosting the number of Made-in-the-USA components.

Cars.com’s survey is based on assembly location and percentage of domestically produced parts, along with the popularity of a model. It doesn’t take into account the fact that if a maker is based overseas, that’s where the profits get shipped.

Making matters worse for flag-wavers, the number of cars that broke the threshhold to make the list has been shrinking over the years.

“After reaching an all-time low of just seven cars on the 2015 American-Made Index, this year’s list is up one car, but still remains much smaller than earlier indexes, when the list included nearly 30 eligible cars,” says Patrick Olsen, Cars.com editor-in-chief, in a statement.

Here’s the list:

Rank    Make/Model    U.S. Assembly Location    2015 Rank

1    Toyota Camry    Georgetown, Ky., or Lafayette, Ind.    1

2    Honda Accord    Marysville, Ohio    –

3    Toyota Sienna    Princeton, Ind.    2

4    Honda Odyssey    Lincoln, Ala.    4

5    Honda Pilot    Lincoln, Ala.    –

6    Chevrolet Traverse    Lansing, Mich.    3

7    GMC Acadia    Lansing, Mich.    5

8    Buick Enclave    Lansing, Mich.    6