McLaren F1 team to add resources to Honda engine programme –

Posted: Monday, June 08, 2015

Jenson Button, Canadian GP 2015

McLaren racing director Eric Boullier has called on Honda to utilise the might of his team’s resources if the two companies are to again become a force in Formula 1.

McLaren racing director Boullier was left to reflect on a difficult Canadian Grand Prix weekend littered with failures, culminating in the second double retirement of a tough season for the new partnership.

Boullier, though, has suggested there is a route available to McLaren and Honda to accelerate the rate of development and potentially fire the team up the grid quicker.

“We [McLaren] keep talking about issues, and obviously we hope to be listened to more [by Honda],” said Boullier.

“They do listen. We have discussions every day. I don’t want to go into anything in public.

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“There is some way to improve faster and we should go that path.

“Of course, it is easy to blame the partner, but as a partner we also have to be supportive. We need to help them to accelerate this recovery time.

“To be fair, they decided to join Formula 1 two years ago and it is not easy to be here and win.

“We just need to make sure we are properly equipped to do it.”

As to the help McLaren could provide Honda, Boullier said: “In terms of timing, when you want to catch up you basically have to put more resources on the programme.

“If you want to do it short-term you need to bring more experienced resources.

Eric Boullier, McLaren-Honda, F1 2015

“We have some software, IT, whatever it is, we have this experience at home, so McLaren can actually offer Honda support in this domain to help them shift resources.”

Aware of how Red Bull and Renault have pointed accusing fingers in public given the latter’s difficulties since the introduction of the new power unit, Boullier is determined not to follow a similar path.

“It’s important Honda recover,” he said. “I guess it’s not embarrassing now because they are new into the program, but it’s a question of how fast they will recover.

“It is hard not to blame. It is a management exercise, and we don’t want to be like Renault and Red Bull – fighting in the media. There is no sense in that.

“There is a proper reason why we moved to Honda, and we are happy with the move, even if it is frustrating now.

“You need to keep people regularly informed. Yes, it’s painful, yes it’s maybe embarrassing, but this is Formula 1 where the technology is huge and complex.”


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