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Posted: Tuesday, August 09, 2016

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — She may not be an expert in changing her oil. But that didn’t stop her from going about business behind the hood in a different way.

Susan Moynihan wanted to change the car service experience for mom’s, dad’s and really anyone looking to take care of a few other things while they stop at the auto shop: She calls it “auto repair with a flair.”

It’s what she’s doing inside her Woodbury shop that makes her a Minnesotan to Meet.

At first glance, Maxville Auto Repair is anything but an ordinary oil change. Monynihan, a mother of two, opened the shop in February, wanting to give her customers — men and women — a smooth relaxing ride while they wait.

“We try to make it so you can relax a lot here, but also get a lot done,” Monynihan said.

Haircuts, styling, waxing, and you can even leave the auto-shop with some fresh paint, not on your car, but rather on your nails. Plus, there’s plenty of distractions for kids while you wait.

“Our goal is that the kids don’t want to leave and that’s usually what happens,” she said.

Moynihan has worked in the auto business for a while, but she got her first taste at customer service at the big red retailer in town.

“I started my career at Target as a buyer, so negotiating with vendors. So that’s what I started out doing in auto parts,” she said.

Then, while traveling the country she realized that 65 percent of customers at auto shops are female and more needed to be done to accommodate their needs while they wait.

She’s recently hosted an event called Slick Chicks where her technicians showed customers how to check their oil.

For now, Moynihan is still testing out the open road of being a business owner and hoping keep her foot on the gas.

They do all types of maintenance, from replacing engines and tires.

Her team is also hosting an event on Aug. 23 at 6 p.m., called Cupcakes and Cars. The purpose is to answer questions like: what does it mean when the maintenance light goes on? How do you check tire pressure? And other basic car questions you might have.


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