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Posted: Wednesday, October 18, 2017

For the Tokyo auto show, the Concept-i teams up with two small support vehicles, the Ride and the Walk, both of which share a more altruistic purpose of helping the disabled and elderly stay mobile. The two-seat Concept-i Ride is a polished little pebble that’s nearly two feet shorter than Toyota’s iQ microcar. At 98.4 inches, it’s half a foot longer than the Nissan New Mobility Concept, a comically tiny thing in which we zipped around in Manhattan. An EV, the Ride has a projected range of 62 to 93 miles. Its biggest benefit is that hand controls replace the pedals and the steering wheel. The gullwing doors make entering the car easy, and the central front seat slides left or right, depending on which door is opened. Despite its name, the Ride is fully drivable. Automated parking, a self-parking valet feature, and the usual autonomous functions can take over driving tasks entirely, but only when the driver—a keyword Toyota uses repeatedly—chooses to do so. The Ride has loading space for a folded wheelchair, and there’s a fold-out passenger seat on the left side.


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