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Posted: Thursday, August 11, 2016

It’s finally here: The full Rob Ford drug video.

The infamous but little-seen footage of the late Toronto mayor smoking crack was finally released Thursday, after an extortion case over the clip was dropped.

The video is even more damning than expected, showing the former mayor and a friend making fun of minorities and trash-talking Justin Trudeau — the son of a former Canadian prime minister, who last year became prime minister himself.

The video, which came to public attention in 2013, shows the one-time mayor of Canada’s largest city lighting up while talking to his friend Fabio Basso, who remains off camera.

Rob Ford supports Donald Trump from the grave

Ford, who is incoherent through most of the clip, appears to say “F— the minorities” and that he “f—in’ take(s) these kids under my wing.”

The mayor complains that he’s viewed as a right-wing “radical f—in’ guy” — right before he smokes crack.

Rob Ford, who died in March.

Rob Ford, who died in March.

(© Mark Blinch / Reuters/REUTERS)

Basso then starts ranting about Trudeau, the son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

“Trudeau right there, I’d like to get that f—in’ Justin Trudeau and shove my foot as far up his ass, ’cause I’m sure it goes real far,” Basso declares, as Ford appears to mutter in approval.

At the end of the clip, Ford wonders aloud if the camera in front of him of him is on.

News of the video rocked Ford’s mayoralty in 2013, and photos showed him smoking crack, but the full clip itself was never made public.

Ford claimed the clip didn’t even exist, saying he wouldn’t comment on a video “that I have never seen or does not exist.”

The video shows the former mayor of Canada’s largest city smoking crack as a friend insults the man who is now Canada’s prime minister.

(Now Magazine)

But the video was played in court last year during the trial for former Ford driver Alexander (Sandro) Lisi, who was charged with trying to extort a gang member for the footage.

The case against Lisi was dropped Thursday, ending a court-ordered ban on the video’s release. 

Ford — who was already infamous for drunk and disorderly mischief in public — stayed in power after the scandal, even after being stripped of some responsibilities. He willingly withdrew his campaign for a second term in 2014, but still got elected to Toronto’s City Council.

He remained in office until his death in March, from cancer. 

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