The Chicago Bears’ Rookie Quarterback Still Drives a 1997 Toyota Camry – The Drive

Posted: Saturday, May 13, 2017

Sure enough, the Bears ended up drafting Trubisky in the first round, so this week, he kept up his end of the deal by rolling up to rookie camp in Illinois in the 20-year-old Toyota. For his part, the imminence of wealth beyond the wildest dreams of many hasn’t really changed his appreciation for the car.

“It can still lug around a little bit. It moves pretty well. Gets me from Point A to Point B and yeah, that’s what I drive,” he told ESPN.

A couple of years ago, then-Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris made headlines for refusing to part ways with his 1991 Mazda 626 that he bought for $2 before making it to the NFL, and Mazda rewarded his dedication with a full restoration job. No word on whether Toyota will make a similar offer here, but it seems like Trubisky wouldn’t turn down 20 more years of beige glory.

“I’m a very simple person,” he said to CBS. “That’s who I’ve always been, that’s how I was raised, to be conservative and stick to who I am. That’s who I’m going to be.”


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