As the summer car show season builds to its zenith, it’s not just American or German classics that are commanding attention, but increasingly, Japanese models as well.

Sure, the Ford Mustang is the most popular classic, says a website catering to collectors, But Japanese cars are rapidly growing in popularity, especially since so many younger collectors grew up with them.

The website lists its most popular Japanese classic as a model that is also one of the most rugged: the Toyota Land Cruiser, the jeep-like go-anywhere vehicle that exudes toughness. The list is based on how many unique visitors came to see a particular model on the site.

“When you really think about it, crossovers and SUVs are extremely popular right now due to their practicality,” says Roger Falcione, CEO of  “Throw in the coolness factor of an old classic like the Land Cruiser plus it’s unmatched reliability, and you have a winning formula that enthusiasts really want.”

Half of the 30,000 visitors who have viewed Toyota models on the site looked at Land Cruisers, says.

But don’t count out the Z cars. After the Land Cruiser comes the Datsun 280Z, and three other Z cars make the list as well. The 240Z is fourth, the 300ZX is seventh and 260Z comes in eighth place.

In third place is the Mazda RX-7, a sporty car powered by the rotary engine. Also in the Top 10 are Toyota Supra in fifth place, the Toyota Corolla (the early ones, anyway) in sixth, the Toyota Supra in ninth and the only Honda, the S2000 sports car in 10th.