A Natick man is a hero after jumping into action when a car crashed into an auto auction in Framingham.

Sam Cerulo was just feet away when a man lost control of a BMW SUV at the Adesa Auto Auction House in Framingham.

“They thought the car was going to blow up at first,” said Cerulo. “That’s why everybody was running out the way.”

The crash happened Friday morning and one man was pinned under the SUV.

“Just kind of went, ‘What do I do, what do I do,’ for a second,” said Cerulo. 

Cerulo went to his truck, drove over as fast as he could and pulled the BMW off the man.

The man was airlifted to the hospital, along with 10 others who were also injured.

Cerulo’s quick thinking may have prevented a life from being lost Friday.

“It feels good to know you saved somebody’s life,” Cerulo said.