RICHARDSON — Toyota’s North American headquarters campus is rising quickly in Plano, and some day, someone you know may work there.

At a discussion on Tuesday night, Simon Nagata, Toyota’s chief administrative officer, said that with 4,000 jobs on site, we’ll see plenty of North Texans being hired.

“The talent we hire here may have the opportunity to work around the world,” Nagata said during a get-to-know Toyota event at the University of Texas at Dallas in Richardson.

But how many locals will they hire… and when? That’s what people really want to know.

“Probably summer of 2016 — this year — we will be able to have a much clearer picture of our hiring program… how many people, what kind of jobs,” Nagata said.

In the spirit of being a good neighbor, Toyota also announced a $1 million grant to help senior citizens in northern Collin County get to their medical appointments. The program will be run by DART, offering taxi-type transportation.

“A big focus area for us is: How do we increase, working with partners, the ability for people to move around? In the community, in their homes,” said Latondra Newton, Toyota’s chief social officer.

Toyota officials were also excited to talk about their their new hydrogen-powered, zero-emission vehicle, the Mirai. Initially, will only be sold in California until there are hydrogen fueling stations in Texas and other states.

The Mirai travels 312 miles on a fill-up, and emits only water from its tail pipe.

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