A Waterboro man has been accused of selling a customer’s car that was in his auto repair shop for repairs.

Scott Depeter, 43, was arrested Friday after an investigation by York County sheriff’s Deputy Shawn Sanborn into a complaint from an elderly man who had taken his 1999 Ford Mustang to Airport Autobody in Waterboro for repairs to a window.

The man never got his car back and was billed $2,000 for repair work. Sanborn discovered the car had been sold by Depeter with a forged bill of sale and without registration, according to York County Sheriff William King. The new owner sold it again to a Wakefield, New Hampshire, resident. The car has been recovered and returned to the original owner.

Depeter, who was arrested in January on a charge of theft by deception for an alleged Craigslist scam, was again charged with theft by deception, as well as aggravated forgery. He is being held on $25,000 bail at the York County Jail.

His arraignment is scheduled for Monday at York County Superior Court in Alfred, King said.