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ACDelco 15-10422 Accumulator Assembly


Product Description

Features and Benefits
ACDelco Accumulators/Driers are lightweight and easy to handle. These parts are built to exacting specifications and will fit most GM makes and models on the road today. Designed to be corrosion resistant for long-life dependability. Many models feature aluminum construction for maximum corrosion resistance. 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty*.

*Whichever comes first.  To the original retail purchaser.  Parts only; installation not included.

Function & Signs of Wear    
Find out more about ACDelco OES Accumulators/Driers and how they fit into the heating and air conditioning system with the product facts below.

FUNCTION: Stores and removes liquid in the refrigerant until it changes into a gas refrigerant
SIGNS OF WEAR: Lack of or insufficient cooling in the vehicle cabin

Did You Know?
If your engine begins overheating while driving in heavy traffic, the following steps can help alleviate the condition:
  • Set the climate control system to “Heat” or “Vent”
  • Set the blower fan on “High” (roll down your windows if the interior becomes too warm)
  • Allow more distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you; this enables more air to enter the radiator easily
Service & Maintenance
Your vehicles’ Heating and Air Conditioning system should be checked by a professional technician approximately every 12 months (check your Owner’s Manual for specific recommendations). Any related maintenance should be handled only by professionals.

If you notice any of the following conditions, have your vehicle checked right away:
Musty smell when the air conditioning or heating system is activated
Inadequate cooling or heating temperatures when using the air conditioning or heating system
The vehicle’s temperature gauge indicates a “red” condition
Steam coming from the engine compartment
Unusual smells inside or outside the vehicle
Lightweight, aluminum construction to help prevent corrosion

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