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AIR LIFT 52130 2" Lock-N-Lift Air Spring Spacer


Product Description

AIR LIFT 2" Lock-N-Lift Air Spring Spacer is designed to allow usage of air springs on lifted trucks. It is made from corrosion proof zytel construction which ensures extreme durability. This spacer facilitates easy installation between frame and leaf spring. Product Description

The Air Lift 52130 2" Lock-N-Lift Air Spring Spacer kit allows vehicles that have been permanently lifted to use air springs by filling the gap between the bottom of an installed air spring and its assumed mounting point. This kit includes 2" stackable discs secured by a combination of bolts, nuts and washers. Discs can be stacked to rise straight, or fill the gap at an angle to accommodate differing applications.

Air Lift 52130 2-inch Lock-N-Lift Air Spring Spacer
Allows for air spring use on raised vehicles
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Illustation of Air Lift 52130 2-inch Lock-N-Lift Air Spring Spacer discs stacked
Customizable modular snap and lock disc design with an angled stacked option.
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Use Air Springs on Lifted Trucks

Trucks and other heavy vehicles with permanently raised chassis need the suspension assistance of air springs just as much, if not more, than other vehicles. The problem is that extra space created between the bottom of air springs and their assumed mounting point in these raised vehicles can in some cases make an air spring unusable, or at the least, minimize its effectiveness. The Air Lift 2" Lock-N-Lift Air Spring Spacer kit is designed to eliminate this problem.

This kit utilizes a customizable modular snap and lock disc design, with multiple discs used together if necessary with a combination of bolt, nuts and washers. This allows air springs installed in raised vehicles to raise and lower as they were designed to do. The 2" discs included are made of strong, light, corrosion-proof Zytel that ensures a long, trouble-free life of the product when used correctly. In addition to closing the space between air springs and their lower mounting base, the discs included in the kit can be used to correct for angles between air springs and their mounting points. This is made possible by the fact that each disc retains an angle at one end equal to 2°. By stacking discs with the angled edges facing each other, a level surface is maintained, while stacking a flat edge atop an angled edge results in a 4° angle which can be built upon with another disc adding an additional 2°, etc.


  • Makes it possible to use air springs on lifted trucks
  • Easy to install between frame and leaf spring
  • Strong light corrosion proof Zytel construction
  • Easy to install between frame and leaf spring
  • Universal design works with all brands of air springs
  • Air springs sold separately

Two Year Limited Warranty

Air Lift Company warrants its Air Lift 52130 2" Lock-N-Lift Air Spring Spacer kit to the original retail purchaser against manufacturing defects for two (2) years when used on catalog-listed applications on cars, vans, light trucks and motor homes under normal operating conditions. The warranty does not apply to products that have been improperly applied, improperly installed, used in racing or off-road applications, used for commercial purposes, or which have not been maintained in accordance with installation instructions furnished with all products.

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