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ATI Super F Synthetic Type F Transmission Fluid ATF (Case of 12)


Product Description

SUPER F IS SOLD AS A CASE of 12! ATI Super F is the industry's first 100% Synthetic Fluid with Type F friction chemistry. Super F was formulated and tested to perform in mild street rod use to extreme racing applications. The unique Synthetic Type F chemistry of Super F provides performance improvements over conventional petroleum and non Type F synthetics. Finally get the firm shifts of Type F and all the advantages of synthetic fluid. Type F Friction Modifier Chemistry had not been blended into a full synthetic ATF, until now! ATI teamed up with Joe Gibbs Driven to produce the right fluid for consistent, crisp shifting, superior heat dissipation, and amazing life over standard petroleum based fluids. Super F fluid was tested for over a year in the ATI Drag Pak Challenger NHRA Stocker netting a .02 faster back to back run against a popular non-synthetic Type F. Super F was also ran for the entire 2010 race season in Chris Rini's NMCA Stratus, helping him win the championship with record passes of 6.03 and 235 mph. It is acceptable to mix this fluid with standard Petroleum Type F, Dexron and other fluids, but this will limit the benefits of the Super F fluid. The base synthetic ATI and JGD use is from the same refinery most big names in the high performance fluid world get their stock. This is NOT a Warehouse Center, or low quality fluid. Features: Type F formulation for quicker, firmer shifts. Much longer service life than petroleum ATFs. Foam resistant and less oxidation than petroleum fluid. Quicker ET's at the track over non synthetic fluid. Better fuel mileage in street rods over non synthetics. More stable temperature control when towing or for high performance street driven vehicles. Proven effective in the TH400, TH350, Powerglide, C4, C6, Torqueflite 904 & 727. Not Recommended for Electronically Controlled Transmissions -long term testing in transmissions with solenoids is not complete.

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