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Dodge Ram 02-08 Recirc door HeaterTreater blend door repair kit


Product Description

The HeaterTreater replaces any of the plastic doors in the Dodge Ram HVAC system with steel. Replacing the existing doors with another plastic door is at best a stop-gap solution. The failure is a result of excessive forces generated by the DC servo motor in the operation of the door. The standard Dodge dealer fix for the door failure is to remove the plenum box and replace which ever door is failing. Removal of the box requires removing the dash panel, removing steering wheel and steering column, evacuating and disconnecting the AC compressor, draining and disconnecting the heater hoses. Fixing the door is relatively easy, but the labor(and cost) of getting to the door makes this a time consuming and expensive job. The Heater Treater avoids the hard work by providing a kit that allows the repair to be done with superior components without having to disassemble the automobile. 1-2 hours work vs 8-14 hours of work, and no specialized mechanical skills or tools required. The Dodge Ram Pick up Truck has four separate doors that can all fail independently of each other. Due to poor design, the failure of each door is inevitable and we recommend you replace all of them rather than having to do the same fix multiple times. Heater Treater offers special discounts for purchasing more than one repair kit at a time. Go to this link to find out which doors you need to replace: If you feel uncomfortable installing the repair yourself, go to to find a HeaterTreater certified garage near you.

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