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Valeo 10000684 A/C Compressor


Product Description

As a worldwide specialist in automotive air conditioning systems, Valeo manufactured Air Conditioning Compressors are expertly engineered. Valeo has improved the performance of its compressor with seven axial pistons. The cubic displacement can be varied from 0 to 170 cm cubed and the external control of the inlet pressure delivers just the right flow for a given situation. This solution avoids the unnecessary generation of cold. Efficiency has also been boosted by a design that includes an oil separator and improved discharge valves. The refrigerant loop features a plate internal heat exchanger insuring thermal exchange between evaporator outlet and condenser outlet. Thanks to its high component efficiency, this internal heat exchanger increases the cooling power and improves overall A/C system efficiency. Lastly, the HVAC unit is fitted with a high performance evaporator made up of die cut alloy plates and square based inner fins that form a micro-channel-structure (cross counter flow principle).

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