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verilux CFML27VLX Natural Spectrum Replacement Bulb, 27 Watts


Product Description

Only a genuine verilux bulb fits in the socket of a verilux lamp. The lamp must have the name Verilux on it. If it does not, the light bulb will not fit properly. This patented 27 watts bulb is uniquely designed for verilux lamps but can also fit several other brands of lamps designed to deliver 150 watts of full spectrum lighting. Lasting up to 10,000 hours, this bulb contains a special blend of earth phosphors to produce a pure, naturally soothing light that improves contrast, color brilliance and visual focus. This verilux natural spectrum bulb makes reading and other tasks more efficient and enjoyable. Often times customers believe they have inserted the bulb all the way into the socket and often times they have not. When inserted properly there will be an audible click that can be heard.

The Verilux bulb is compatible with the following Verilux branded lamps:
  • Heritage Deluxe Desk & Floor Lamp - VD03FF1, VD03GG1, VF03GG1, VF03FF1
  • Original Deluxe Floor - VF01AA1, VF01BB1, VF01DD1
  • Desk and Clamp Lamps - VD01AA1, VD01BB1, VD01DD1, VC01AA1, VC01BB1
  • SmartLight VD12BB1 and VD12WW1
  • Portable Lamp - VP02
  • EasyFlex® Floor Lamp - VF02AA1, VF02BB1
  • Modern, Princeton, Princeton Executive and Shelburne Desk Lamps - VD07SB1, VD05 series, VD06 series
  • Princeton and Shelburne Floor Lamp - VF05 Series
  • HappyEyes® & HappyEyes® Deluxe Floor, Desk and Clamp Lamps

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