audi car on demand 0163The Audi Q5 was all mine … for a day.Melia Robinson/Business Insider

Audi wants to put you in its vehicles — without the commitment of buying a new luxury car.

The luxury automaker launched a rent-a-car-service called Audi On Demand in San Francisco in 2015. The service lets you rent an Audi vehicle for a day (or for as long as a month) from your smartphone. Car enthusiasts will find a huge range of models to choose from, from the A4 sports sedan to the rabble-rouser R8 supercar. The service ranges from $120 to $1,145 a day.

Audi On Demand recently announced plans to expand into 15 new markets worldwide by 2020. The service currently operates in just three locations: San Francisco, Munich, and Beijing.

I tried Audi On Demand for a weekend in October, reserving an Audi Q5. Here’s how it went.