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ACDelco 20700 Radiator


Product Description

Features and Benefits
The radiator is the heart of a vehicle's cooling system. So, when it comes to replacing a worn radiator, you need a product that will match the original factory part in fit, form and function. ACDelco offers dependable, long lasting OES Radiators for GM vehicles.ACDelco OES Radiators are reliable, lightweight (positive heat transfer to weight ratio), corrosion resistant and have optimal heat transfer characteristics. Don't trust your customers' vehicles to anything less than ACDelco quality.

Function & Signs of Wear
Find out more about ACDelco OES Radiators and how they fit into the Cooling system with the product facts below.

FUNCTION: The radiator transfers heat from the engine's coolant to the outside air while the radiator cap seals and pressurizes the cooling system

Service & Maintenance
Maintain proper coolant levels and check level monthly (Note: Never attempt to remove a radiator cap while the engine is hot. Serious injury could result.)
  • Replace coolant with a mixture of antifreeze and water according to the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations
  • Inspect engine belts for cracks or missing sections; check belt tension
  • Evaluate radiator and radiator cap for leaks, corrosion, worn cap gasket
  • Examine hoses every 12 months. Look for leaks, cracks or rot. Replace when showing signs of wear.
  • Tighten any loose clamps. Replace clamps when replacing hoses
  • Have cooling system inspected immediately if instrument panel-mounted temperature gauge indicates engine overheating.
  • Periodically, remove bugs, leaves and other debris from the front of the radiator. They can block airflow and substantially reduce cooling efficiency.
Positive heat transfer to weight ratio.

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